Validating radio button with php

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Validating radio button with php - too old dating

This is great but comes with the inevitable HTML5 caveats that it just can't be relied on across all browsers. So in order to get this two arrays are created to store all the names and then refine that list of the unique names.So for true radio button validation we need a Javascript solution .... Firstly lets add some HTML to provide error messages. Looping around the variable is used to keep count of things.

Hi there, I am totally new to jquery and did manage to design a form and check fields on values (with a little help) with jquery.

How can I automatically calculate the answer based on which radio button was click?

update: I got my answer from this site: Hey everyone, I cant seem to get this submit Form Validator to work.

I rewrote the function using a separate variable and this time it works perfectly: Code: Hi guys... When the mouse moves over a paragraph, increase the font size by a factor of 3.

When it is no longer over the paragraph, reduce the font back to its original size" HELP and thanks....

Now I know you can change the background of radios and apply a border of you would like. What I would like is to have a general function where I can pass in any group of radio buttons and have it return the textual value of the radio button selected. Code: My question is, when i run this function and pass it in the group of radio buttons by means of the onclick event handler, firefox 3.6.22 reports in the error console on line 22 that "options[index] is undefined".

It seems that if i use the variable "index" more than one time it reports this error but if I take out the assignment to variable "choice" that it works just fine. I need to change it to " the font size of a paragraph should only be changed if the "Magnified" button is selected AND the mouse cursor is over a paragraph.If I click radio button A with value 2, I want to output the total at the bottom as "2"..Also, if I click radio button B with value 3, I want to output the total of A and B as 5 and so on..If they choose 'option2' in 'group1' they will get a different set to choose from.My main dilemma is it must do this without them having to submit. I have a form where it validates the users has selected one of the radio group values.Here is my validation now, without the radio funtion: Code: //ckeck if inputs aren't empty var email Pattern = /^[a-z A-Z0-9._-] @[a-z A-Z0-9.-] \.[a-z A-Z]$/; var fields = $('#first_step input[type=text], #first_step textarea'); var error = 0; fields.each(function()); //check radio buttons Here my radio buttons check Does anybody know how to check if someone has filled in their gender? Furthermore if no radio button has been selected I would (really) like that the text within the spans, below, lights up red: Code: Hi there, I am totally new to jquery and did manage to design a form and check fields on values (with a little help) with jquery.